Liquidation Brokers are individuals who, for a markup or commission, provide wholesale buyers a level playing field within the product sourcing arena. Much like a real estate or stock broker assist people with complex transitions, the liquidation broker makes a living sharing his product sourcing expertise with buyers and sellers of obsolete and excess stock.


Since the world of brokering pallets and truckloads of inventory goes greatly unregulated, the profession itself has been labeled fraudulent due to a rash of unethical brokers who have chosen to act and transact business unethically. Enough is enough.

Our website was developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Provide a forum for Liquidation Brokers to learn from, and participate in, conversations with other Brokers interested in bringing back professionalism and integrity to the industry.
  • Provide a full training course for those entering the lucrative world of merchandise brokering
  • Provide a members only protected database of companies looking for liquidation assistance from professional merchandise brokers
  • Provide a secure platform to connect liquidation brokers with retailers, manufacturers, and catalog companies wishing to move excess stock.


What happens to all of the consumer merchandise that is returned to a department store, and what about all of the products ordered online that are returned for various reasons? Some of this stock can be resold, but a large portion of returned items are compromised in some way. In order recapture lost revenue big business liquidates this stock at rock-bottom pricing.

A knowledgeable liquidation broker fosters buying relationships which allow the small seller access to the lucrative world of reselling excess, obsolete, and consumer returned inventories.

Using a liquidation broker to source and secure name brand goods levels the playing field for small resellers who otherwise would struggle when sourcing fast selling, name brand merchandise.

This website serves both the seller liquidating stock and the Individual interested in learning about starting a liquidation brokering business.